Tracy Double Eyebrow Iron Door

Heavy duty 14 gauge steel
Filled up with polyurethane for energy saving
Double pane glass, tempered and sealed to avoid conditioning leaks
Included weatherstrippings to reduce air infiltration
Operable glass panels that can be opened independently from the doors
Thresholds made to prevent water infiltration
Barrel hinges which are perfect for heavy use and can be greased for a better use
Double doors include a pre-insulated flush bolt system to lock the dormant door or unlock it for a complete opening space
We can make any design hurricane-resistant

Price includes iron handles or American standard preparation (restrictions may apply)



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Offering a contemporary look that fits well with any building design and style, our Tarpey double iron doors are the perfect fit for our clients looking for a modern look to their structure. Using a mix of iron curvature and linear structures you can get the geometric sought after by many. [video width="1640" height="1192" mp4=""][/video]