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Custom French Doors


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There’s no better way for homeowners looking to add character and style to their homes than with a set of custom doors. Whether you use them inside or outside, for an entryway or a garage, doors are the first and last thing you will interact with at home. There are multiple door options on the market. However, if you are thinking about replacing old doors, custom-made french doors are the best choice. These doors offer style, durability, and efficiency while adding a sense of luxury to your home.

What Are French Doors?

French doors have two large main panels instead of the classic one-panel doors. These two panels open from the middle, allowing wider access for all users. Most french doors are made of wood or aluminum. However, wrought iron is becoming an increasingly popular material because of all its benefits. One advantage, for instance, is that it can be customized to fit any home design and style. So, if you want a unique front or inside door, wrought-iron french doors are the right option for your home!

Benefits of Custom Exterior French Doors

These are the main benefits of adding custom-made french doors to your home:

Unique Style for Your Home

French iron doors customized for your home’s needs will help you improve your house’s curb appeal while adding luxury and elegance. With a better curb appeal, you can increase your home’s resale value without any major structural changes.

Superior Durability and Resistance

Wrought iron can withstand any harsh weather, from constant rain and snow to scorching heat and droughts. There’s no better option for outdoor and entryway doors than wrought iron, especially when it comes to french models.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

French iron doors can be thermally broken to increase your home’s energy efficiency. A thermally broken french door seals the inside temperature to prevent energy loss and reduce energy consumption.

French Door Styles

Traditional french doors swing in and out, making them a more versatile addition to homes with exterior areas. Their design allows for better natural light at home, as it has been their purpose for hundreds of years. French interior doors are another option for homeowners looking to add functionality and style to their home’s interior design. Unlike front french doors, these models swing on a hinge, making them more useful for smaller spaces. You can also choose from french pocket and french bypassing doors for indoor areas. Each has its own benefits, depending on what you need. For instance, pocket doors with a french style are single panels you can slide alongside the walls when opening or closing. A bypassing model, on the other hand, is made of multiple panels that slide one in front of the other.

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