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Double Doors


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Your entryway is the first impression that someone will have of your home. As such, it’s important to stand out from the very beginning. A front entry door made of an elegant material like wrought iron and glass helps. However, if you want your entryway to stand out, there’s no better option than a double door. Double doors are everything your home needs to look and feel unique. Their timeless design and elegance will enhance your home’s architectural aesthetic while providing multiple benefits in functionality and durability. Luckily for you and other homeowners, we are here to help at Exclusive Iron Doors!

Double Doors for Interior and Exterior

Double doors, also known as french doors or dual doors, are interior or exterior doors with two large door panels. These panels open and close from the center, allowing for a wide opening, which in turn saves you more space.

Wrought Iron: Superior Durability and More!

Although modern double doors can be made of different materials, many homeowners prefer wrought iron because of all its benefits. Double doors made of wrought iron are more durable and resistant than wood or aluminum. A high-quality iron double door can withstand harsh weather conditions and won’t need to be replaced anytime soon. Wrought-iron double doors are also more elegant, making your home feel more luxurious. Additionally, some manufacturers offer thermally broken iron double doors, which can increase your home’s energy efficiency.

A Timeless Design that Will Make Your Home Stand Out

Double doors have a timeless design, meaning you won’t need to replace or upgrade them anytime soon. Additionally, these doors can make your whole entryway feel unique and elegant, allowing it to stand out without any other major structural change.

Functionality and Accessibility with One Door

Exterior and interior double doors can increase your home’s accessibility and safety for people with disabilities and limited mobility. These doors open wider, ideal for allowing wheelchairs and people on crutches to mobilize without too much assistance. Double doors are also easy to open and close, helping users with disabilities regain a sense of independence.

A Versatile Option for Your Home

A double door in your entryway helps your home stand out while enhancing its curb appeal. Plus, you can use these doors to separate the rooms inside your home. This versatility gives you total control over where and how to install your double doors. Double doors for inside spaces increase a home’s accessibility while adding a sense of luxury that makes your home feel bigger.

Choose Exclusive Iron Doors for All Your Double Door Needs!

Are you looking for modern and ornate double doors? Look no further than Exclusive Iron Doors. We have the best double doors for interior and exterior spaces, designed to make your home feel more thematically coherent and visually striking. For more information about our incredible doors and windows, contact us at (888) 877-7716. Don’t forget to ask about our customization services!