All of our prices are based on square footage and design selection.

Shipping Information

At Exclusive Iron Doors we understand that each custom piece has so much work and dedication to it and that is why we rely on the highest quality LTL carriers to deliver all over the USA. Needless to say, the weight of iron doors is quite substantial and each delivery situation is unique, so we want to guide you through how it works in most cases and how to best achieve a successful delivery.

Lead time

Transit time is estimated to be 5-7 business days but as mentioned before it is estimated, so carriers can take sometimes less or more time to deliver the unit.

Shipping Types

Depending on the size, quantity and configuration of your unit we quote and ship the products via LTL, DTL or flat bed, we also offer pick up from our San Antonio, Texas office.



Our products are shipped in wooden crates approximately 600 – 1500 lbs per crate/unit. Inside the crate you will find that your units are wrapped separately (frame, door, sidelight, etc.) unless specified. 

Shipping Coordination

Upon receiving the full payment for the unit, your product(s) will be shipped out from our San Antonio, Texas address. Once the unit is picked up by the carrier, you will be sent tracking information so you can follow the process. We encourage you to contact the carrier 1-2 days after you have received the tracking information so that you can coordinate for delivery.

Carrier Coordination

After shipping, the carrier will reach out to set up delivery appointments, as previously mentioned, we encourage you to contact the carrier once tracking information is provided. Carriers will determine at this point how delivery will occur depending on the circumstances involved (address, restrictions, liability, weight, size, quantity, etc.)

Carriers offer “Curbside Delivery” meaning the customer or builder will have to provide a team or equipment to assist in unloading and move the unit to where it needs to be to be stored or start installation.

Crate and shipping

Unloading BIG units – With long units, including transom, sidelights, or unusually heavy units, the carrier may require the customer or builder to have a forklift on-site for unloading safely. This is NOT included in the shipping cost so customers, builders or contractors will have to provide this service.

**IMPORTANT** Delivery Restrictions May Apply If Streets Are: 

  1. Too Narrow
  2. One Way 
  3. Unfinished 
  4. On a Hill
  5. In Any Situation In Which Truck Might Be Compromised To Enter 

If this is the case, the customer or builder has to pick up the unit from the carrier’s terminal in which the carrier will load the buyer’s vehicle. 


Although we use top notch carriers, damage can occur during transit so we always suggest inspecting the unit no longer than 1-5 days upon receiving. If damage is noted by the customer or builder, you can either accept or reject the package, we encourage you to evaluate and take photos of delivery and note anything worth mentioning on the BOL. If a claim is needed with these notes, the process will be much easier.

If A Compromised Unit Is Accepted:

Call Exclusive Iron Doors within 1 – 2 days with evidence of damage and write damage description when signing BOL. This will begin the claim process where follow up takes place to determine the resolution. It is expected for you to hire and work on any unit repairs (which is where the funds to hire and repair your product would be claimed.)

If Rejected:

Call Exclusive Iron Doors within 1 – 2 days with evidence of damage and write damage description when signing BOL. Exclusive Iron Doors will work on repairs and claim lost funds to the carrier. Once product(s) are repaired, your will be sent to you unit once again. If damage is critical to the unit, a new unit will be manufactured and sent.

Crate And Installation (What’s In Your Crate?)

  1. Door Slab(s) 
  2. Door Frame With Threshold (if specified) 
  3. Weather Strips 
  4. Paint Touch-up Kit 
  5. Door Sweeps 
  6. Glass If Ordered And Specified On Purchase Order (PO).
  7. Iron Handle (if ordered and specified on PO or invoice)
  8. Single Cylinder Deadbolt (if ordered and specified on PO or invoice)
  9.  Electronic Deadbolt (if ordered and specified on PO or invoice)

We are not responsible for any items lost during the unwrapping process, but we can send additional paint, weather strips or door sweeps at an additional cost.

What’s NOT included in your crate? – Frame screws are not included since customers or builders can choose which would work best for each installation, but we do suggest the Timberlock 3-4” with 1/4” thickness.

Install – Installing a pre-hung iron door is not a complex task but we do encourage professional installers to perform the job.

  1. If needed, we do offer assistance over the phone as well as videos showing how to install.
  2. Construction Process – If the unit is installed while the house or building is still in the construction process, we strongly suggest you take measures to protect the unit and all of its parts, mostly the threshold. This is a handcrafted masterpiece, therefore we truly encourage you to protect it and avoid using an entry point all throughout construction. 

We look forward to working with you on future projects and appreciate photographs of installed doors and reviews in our Instagram, Google, Facebook and Houzz accounts.

If you have other questions feel free to contact your sales representative for further assistance.

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