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Wrought Iron Door Designs In Guilford, Connecticut

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Wrought Iron Door Designs In Guilford, Connecticut

As time passes, so do people’s preferred tastes in design. To accommodate that newfound taste, the idea of entry and exit doors has drastically changed. From simple design to overall functionality of doors, innovators have been able to improve the concept of a door. As a custom door manufacturer, we have enjoyed creating and bringing our own modern thoughts to implement into our doors. With a large flexibility on shipping, we have the ability to ship our wrought iron doors to Guildford, Connecticut. Because of the growing demand for modern doors, we would like to show you some of our contemporary doors.

Riva Single Super Slim with Panel


Our Riva Door is one of our more popular doors we offer. Made with steel, we create a simple door that radiates elegance and contemporary style. Made with linear mullions and double-pane shatter-proof E-glass, we made this door to create a modern style french door that never ceases to amaze.

Alison Modern Style Single Iron Door


Taking on a more solid look while still somewhat transparent, the Alison design is one with a minimalist twist. Using a solid iron frame and multiple slits of glass running across the door we have been able to accomplish a beautiful look that can be universal to multiple home styles. 

Custom Contemporary Art Single Square


Here at Exclusive Iron Doors, we like to think of our warehouse team as artists welding together a beautiful home addition. In order to show just how creative and skilled we can be when it comes to design, we created the Art design. Nothing says modern like thin lines and clear space. Optimal for letting in large amounts of natural light, our Art door is a beautiful design created to mimic significance and luxury.

Camino Double Iron Door


Minimal and geometric, the Camino is a door created with wrought iron to create a mixed look. The natural looks of the wrought iron and the modern design of the door structure give off a one of a kind look. Because of the large amounts of space, you have the ability to illuminate your building and tie your interior space together.

Stillwell double square install


Completely opposite of the Camino design, our Stillwell look creates a similar ambiance while providing more security by using more iron than glass. Great for either commercial or residential purposes, you simply cannot go wrong with the Stillwell. This contemporary design is a beautiful look that works well with a matching modern home.

Joplin Double Iron Door


Taking on a twist of the popular French door design, the Joplin uses misaligned panel-like structures to separate itself from the rest. While your traditional French doors use perfectly aligned mullions and geometric shapes, we decided to create a different look to show that style doesn't always come with “perfection”.

Custom Giselle


Want to get a door that creates a great first impression? Look no further that our Giselle door. Creates specifically for luxury and style, we use thin iron and a large panel of glass to create a modern french door. This one of a kind product lets in large amounts of light to help bring out the details of your interior structure. 

Tarpey custom double square with transom black


While geometry may not be for everyone, we absolutely love the symmetry of our Tarpey door. Using both linear designs and interesting curvature, we have been able to create a unique design unlike any other.

Canyon Single Install


Similar to the Tarpey design, the Canyon is a beautiful place to leave your visitors in awe. Introducing more circular and square like structures, we have been able to make our door more unique and geometrical. 

Robinson single square with sidelight


Going back to our more solid doors, the Robinson takes on more of a security door with style. Primarily consisting of an iron base with a thin glass slit running down the door the Robinson offers security, durability, and beauty.

Fully Customized  Steel And Iron For Guilford, Connecticut

Flemish Glass


Exclusive Iron Doors includes tempered glass with all of our doors. However we offer multiple glass options to better fit your vision, whether your preference is clear glass, frosted glass, rain textured glass, or aqua textured glass, we have options that will make your door stand out.

Custom adelene double with transom inside view

Operable Glass

Let in that cool breeze without ever opening your door. With our Operable glass option, you have the opportunity to open glass paneling without sacrificing security. 


All paints are made from a high-quality process and hand finished. Our primer epoxy paint resists salt water and, on top of that, we apply a high-quality automotive paint.


Made with aesthetic and ease of use in mind, we offer door handle options that compliment your design.



Door Swing

 When it comes to the fine details, we think of everything we can to make the best possible custom doors. That’s why we include a door swing option to give our clients the choice of how they want to open the door to their home.

Deadbolt Lock


Security locks

Keep your home or business safe from intruders with one of our deadbolt locks. No matter if you want a standard deadbolt or a smart lock that you can control via Bluetooth, you can keep your building safe from intruders without having to shop around for different security locks.

Exclusive Iron Doors In Guilford, Connecticut

The coastal city of Guilford, Connecticut is a city known for its scenery and leisure life. From Jacob’s beach, Chaffinch Island Park, and Faulkner's Island Lighthouse, Guilford has no lack of beautiful aesthetics. It is because of its natural beauty and residents that Exclusive Iron Doors love to help our clients in Guilford and obtain new inquiries. While we are based out of San Antonio, Texas, our flexible shipping abilities allow for us to ship our steel and iron doors to Guildford, Connecticut.


Our relationship with our clients are a priority for everyone at Exclusive Iron Doors. It is because of our clients that we have been in business for more than 29 years. Because of that, we hold customer service above all else. We understand that reviews are an important deciding factor when it comes to picking and choosing companies. As a testimate to our dedicated work and quality of our product here is a real life review form a client of ours.

"I would recommend this company to anyone. From my first encounter I was treated with pure professionalism. Shawn was so polite and very knowledgeable about her product. She answered all of my concerns as well as my husband's. She told me it would be about four weeks to get my doors however my doors came in 2 1/2 weeks earlier. She has kept in contact throughout the entire process. The quality of the doors are top notch and I absolutely love them!

My doors were installed by Ceasar and Allen and they were geeat! They were very polite and very neat and clean. I can tell they take much pride in their work. I have even requested them to do another project for me.

In today's world unfortunately good customer service is hard to find. I wanted to write this review to let everyone know if you are thinking of using Exclusive Iron Doors you will not be disappointed."

-Sibrina Perez


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