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Top 10 Wrought Iron and Steel Door Designs of 2021

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Top 10 Wrought Iron and Steel Door Designs of 2021

A door is much more than an entrance of a house, when you walk through a front door you are entering someone’s life. From the safehaven offered, to the memories created within the walls there is a reason people say “There’s no place like home”. When you  redesign or replace your front entrance you are showing others a glimpse of how beautiful life can be. Only you can decide how you want your home to look. To give you inspiration ideas, here are our listings for the 10 wrought iron and steel best door designs of 2020.

Riva wall with double doors

French Doors

This style needs little introduction. Timeless yet beautiful, this design incorporates transparency and open space to let in large amounts of natural light. No matter the style of the house, french doors can complement your home to reflect your style of choice. French doors are a great opportunity for homes with breathtaking views. Because of the amount of transparency these doors have to offer you can enjoy any view while indoors.

Lisette single square

Modern Doors

Looking for a sleek and elegant look? Have you tried modern style doors? With these minimalistic yet aesthetically pleasing door designs you can make your entryway a true work of art. With many sub-categories of designs within the “Modern” style, you have an abundance of styles to choose from. These doors are highly customisable due to the thin lines of these beautiful designs. Much like French doors, modern style doors can let in large amounts of natural light. Worried about privacy? Modern style doors can be created with different ratios of glass so you can have a modern look and privacy.

Wrought Iron Traditional Door

Traditional Doors

For those that want the basics while making sure your house looks good, traditional doors are the way to go! Consisting of iron with small amounts of glass, you can give your door the classic look with the metal texture. This is a universal design that you can put in any homestyle and still get the best possible look. Because of the iron surface area you can guarantee front entry security for your household. If it’s extreme weather or an uninvited visitor, the traditional style doors can help protect your home from any threat. 

Helen Single Install

Rustic Doors

A rustic design generates a rough look to your door, almost as if the door has been aged. People usually relate this look to a visual of a cottage or farm. These doors can transform your home into a look that you simply cannot take your eyes off of. Even though iron is resistant to time deterioration (which is needed for a rustic look) there are a large variety of door colors that can give your iron door the look needed for the rustic style. Although these rustic style doors aren’t for every home design, they can be the difference between a nice appeal to the house and making an incredible first impression before you enter the door. So if you’re looking for a look that simply radiates natural aged beauty, look no further than a rustic style iron door. 

Riva single eyebrow install

Arched (Eyebrow) Doors

Stand out from the rest with an eyebrow door. This unique style incorporates a design that separates itself  by adding an arch at the top of the door. While this change may seem minor, it makes all the difference when you see the finished product. With the different geometrical shape of the door comes an additional door frame option that you can add to an eyebrow door. While the large majority of doors have square frames, an eyebrow door gives you the option of either a square or arched frame. With the options of these doors the amount of design options is limitless, especially with a custom manufacturer.

Tarpey custom double square with transom black

Double Doors

As the saying goes, “Go big or go home”, if that is something you agree with then I have some new for you! Double doors are a great place to show the personality of your household. While most single doors average about 42” x 96”, double doors average about 72” X 96”. This size increase can put an emphasis on how your interior house will look. With most custom door manufacturers, these doors are highly customizable due to their larger “canvas” to work on. While these doors can be a bit more expensive than you single doors, there are various pros that can actually benefit this type of investment. For example, studies according to the Houzz blog post on boosting resale value has shown that upgrading your front entry doors can help you sell your house by adding curb appeal to your home. Not looking for an entry door? Awesome! Double doors are commonly used as patio doors. With a multitude of options that offer both transparency and style to work with your backyard.

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Double Arched (Eyebrow) Doors

While on the subject of double doors, you can increase curb appeal with eyebrow double doors. These doors are primarily used as a front entry door rather than a patio or exterior door. However that does not take away the fact that these doors are stunning. 

Bunyard single square wine

Wine Cellar Doors

Yes you read that right, having a wine cellar door shows a sense of class only felt upon installation. No matter which design option you choose, you can never go wrong with a wine cellar door to bring luxury to your home. Much like front entry doors, wine cellar doors are offered in different styles to bring out any type of look you would like to show within your household.

Bi-fold Doors

Bi-fold Doors

Bifold doors can give your home the best possible look of elegance and refined taste. Primarily used for patio entrances, bifold doors operate by folding itself toward either side of the walls. Usually bifold doors incorporate a large surface area of glass so you have a great view of the backyard or patio. The main purpose of these doors is to give yourself a large transparent area where you can obtain a great view of your property without ever leaving your house. Even though the main purpose is visibility, you still have the ability to have your doors custom made. Using linear steel material, bifold doors can have various design options that are highly customisable. 


Gothic Doors

Gothic doors incorporate a style highly popular in Europe. To give your home an aesthetic similar to an older european cathedral, we suggest looking into a gothic style door to help you obtain such a one-of-a-kind look. Complete with the traditional gothic style arch, these doors can give you as much natural light as possible while preserving the tall structure normally seen in churches or cathedrals.

Many people do not think about their front entrance as an important factor of their home. However doors can be the string that truly ties the entire look together. No matter what style you're looking for in your house, it's important to remember that you are building an extension of the life you have created within those walls.

Curious to see more of our unique designs? Take a look at our online showroom and give us a call to inquire about ordering your next iron door!

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