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The Buyers Guide To Choosing French Doors

The Buyers Guide To Choosing French Doors

History of French Doors

French Doors have added stylistic lighting to homes for decades and continue to do so in modern interior design. Following a cultural growth in the 17th century France Renaissance, French doors were originally described as tall windows large enough for a person to step through. As time passed, innovation in design and functionality took over and created the French doors that we know and love today. But if you find yourself asking, “What is a French door?”, “Why should I get a French door?”, or even “Is a French door right for me?”, we’re going to give you some insight on what French doors are and why you need one in your living space.


What is a French Door?

French Doors are known for their use of large glass panes and “grid-like” window patterns that allow for ample sunlight to naturally illuminate your interior space, adding an enhanced element of visual appeal to your living area. Due to the universal look and feel, French doors are applicable for both interior and exterior use. When considering the transparency of these doors you also add a larger and more open feel to any room.





Why Should I Get a French Door?

One of the essential aspects of great interior design is optimal lighting. French doors beautifully illuminate any room by maximizing the amount of natural light in a space without having to use artificial light to brighten up your home. These doors are also energy and cost efficient due to the lesser need to use electrical lighting. French doors are compatible with a wide-range of styles & aesthetics from contemporary design to the mid-century modern look that’s so popular nowadays. You can find French doors in just about every interior design style due to their versatility among various themes, in other words, they are a great way to personalize your home to fit your aesthetic.

Riva Double Door No Mulls

Exterior French Doors

When used as exterior doors, French doors are commonly utilized as a pleasing outlook to an outside area like a backyard, patio, or deck. While these seem like minor aesthetic changes, they can truly make all the difference when it comes to curb appeal and home value! According to in a blog post pertaining to French doors adding value to a home, they are, “All in all, they’re a good investment in your home, since they don’t cost much but add significant resale value, so they almost pay for themselves.While the transparency factor may be seen as a deterrent for some homeowners due to the lack of privacy, fear not! Modern day door manufacturers make it their mission to ensure that their exterior French doors products are safe even when used as a front entrance. Exclusive Iron Doors for example can create their doors using custom glass options that limit the transparency of your exterior French door so you can rest easy knowing that visibility is very limited even with a French door being used as an entry.


Interior French Doors

Interior French Doors are a refreshing twist to the classic exterior look, however due to interior doors being more commonly used than exterior doors, a double-sided visual appeal is included into the overall design of these interior doors. While exterior doors offer a compelling look to anyone looking at the door from the outside, interior doors offer a gorgeous facial view from either side of the door so the true charm of your door can be seen no matter where you stand.






Single French Doors

While the majority of people automatically picture a double door when they think of French doors, many door manufactures create and design single French doors! Despite the common use of double French doors, this choice may not be suitable when it comes to smaller, more narrow entryways. You may not have the room to add a double door but don’t fret, single French doors are just as enticing as double French doors. While double doors have more surface area to showcase the design details, single iron doors can be custom made so you won’t have to rely on square footage of the door to make an impression.


Eleanor Double Doors

Double French Doors

When you have double French doors installed, you’re adding doors that are going to allow you to really open your house up when you want to. Considering the sheer size of these double French doors, your utilization factor for these double doors, you have the ability to use your doors for more than just show. Whether you need an access point to bring large items into your home or you just want to have a spacious entry point during parties and family gatherings, French doors are the way to go.




French Door Customizations

Fortunately you don’t have to rely on the design of the door itself when you decide on a French door. There are many ways that you can customize your French doors to allow for a wider range of designs!


Fully Custom Features

Flemish Glass


As explained earlier, French doors rely heavily on glass, but not many people consider incorporating custom glass options into their door. Various glass options can really set your door apart from others. Whether you are looking for traditional clear glass to keep that original look or a custom frosted glass to add some privacy to any room you have many options and styles to choose from.  

Door Handles

Even the smallest of details can make all of the difference, this goes for custom door handles. It is important to maintain consistency with your personal taste and architectural themes no matter if it’s traditional, ornate, or even somewhere in the middle. Your door handle is the first touchpoint to enter your home and is essentially a way that you can make an impression on your guests.   


For those that are looking to invite even more natural light into their living space, sidelites are a great way to make your French door entrance even larger!

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