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Modern Door Design: The Anatomy of a Riva Steel Door

Modern Door Design: The Anatomy of a Riva Steel Door

From keeping your home secure to inspiring you and your guests, the front entrance to your home serves many purposes. A steel door that is handcrafted and custom tailored to your home will instantly bring your entire building to life. Our Riva steel doors are the most versatile steel doors available. Made almost entirely of glass and balanced with thin, steel mullions, there is no doubt that these doors are simple yet stunning. However, as you begin the search for the perfect Riva steel door, you’ll likely encounter terminology that you’re not familiar with. In order to find the steel door that is perfect for you and your home, let’s dive into the different parts of a Riva steel door.  

Steel Door Deadbolts

A deadbolt is the heavy-duty lock extending from the edge of a door panel and into the door frame. It is designed to further secure the door panel in place. They are considered an additional measure of security, apart from the handle and conventional lock assembly. Our Riva steel doors are designed with both form and function in mind. For this reason, we offer a variety of lock options so you can select a deadbolt that works cohesively with your door while sleeping in comfort. From traditional deadbolts to single-sided deadbolts, to bluetooth locks, we can help you find a locking mechanism that works seamlessly with both your Riva steel door and your lifestyle.

Flush Bolts in a Steel Door

Flush bolts are used in a set of double steel doors to secure the inactive door. This typically includes two bolts, one installed at the top of the door, and the other at the bottom.  The top bolt is secured into the frame head while the bottom bolt is secured into the floor so that, when flipped into locking position, the inactive door stays tightly closed.   Close-up of a Riva steel door lock set.

Heavy Duty Barrel Hinges

A heavy duty barrel hinge promotes durability and longevity for your Riva steel door. The hinge allows the door to swing open and closed. The number of barrel hinges necessary varies depending on the size of the door, but standard-sized steel doors typically have three hinges. Though hinges may be a small detail, we ensure they are cohesive with the rest of the door. It is in each small detail that we ensure a seamless final product.

Steel Door Threshold

The threshold is manufactured and welded to your unit to close the gap between the bottom of the steel door and the surface beneath it. Paired with weatherstripping, the threshold protects from external elements like air, rain, and snow. Just as with every component of our Riva steel products, the threshold for our steel doors are custom fit for a minimalistic, luxurious final look.

T-Astragal for Security and Insulation

To ensure optimal security and insulation, we include T-astragals in each of our Riva steel doors. Much like the threshold, an astragal is a vertical piece of hardware placed between a pair of double doors that seals the gap between each door. This can also be fitted with weather-proofing material, preventing wind, water, and air from entering the house while securing the structure of the door.   All-glass Riva double steel doors opening into a residential dining room.

Riva Steel Door Mullions

A signature component of the Riva steel doors, mullions are the steel lines that separate each of the door leaves, sidelights, and glass paneled areas. Some Riva steel doors consist only of horizontal mullions, while others have mullions that intersect perpendicularly.  Hollow metal mullions allow for the preparation of strikes for all different types of locks including deadbolts. In addition to their functional purpose, mullions help create the distinctive Riva steel appearance, adding dimension to the all-glass doors.

Highly Insulated Steel Doors

As many of our Riva steel products are made almost entirely of glass, it's easy to question their quality of insulation. With a custom fit threshold, T-astragal, and the addition of weather-proofing material, there is no doubt that the Riva steel doors are well-insulated. Plus, every door includes double pane glass that is tempered and sealed for ultimate durability and insulation. Additionally, elements like the deadbolt, and flush bolts help to hold the door secure which further prevents air and water infiltration. We pay great attention to every detail to ensure that your door is both energy efficient and highly secure while never sacrificing beauty.

Let the Light in with Riva Steel Doors

Choosing the right steel door for your home can feel overwhelming – until you lay eyes on our Riva steel door line. We guarantee you’ve never seen anything as stunning as our Riva steel products. Both our Riva steel doors and windows are designed with simplicity and functionality in mind. They are the perfect balance of industrial and modern while allowing ample amount of light into the home. If you want to make the most of their bright quality, consider installing Riva steel windows to match your grand entryway. With these steel door definitions, you will be able to quickly identify each part of the door. This can help you to make informed decisions during the buying process and help you maintain your door after purchasing.  Browse our Riva steel doors and windows today to find the door of your dreams.

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