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Let the Light in: Glass Front Doors for Your Entryway

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Let the Light in: Glass Front Doors for Your Entryway

Throughout the years, front doors have come a long way when it comes to the raw material used to create these entryways, from lighter materials like plastic to heavier metals and glass such as steel and double pane glass. No matter which material you choose for your door it is imperative to maintain all aspects that would be naturally expected from an entrance into your structure like security, functionality, and design. In today’s post, we will be talking specifically glass front doors and how they can bring out the best in your structure. 

First manufactured during World War 2 as a way to bring your interior and exterior property together while keeping a border between one another, glass doors were thought to have been influenced by the Japanese “Shoji” door. Although glass is one of the latest innovations in interior design, they are understandably and quickly being adapted into thousands of newly-built homes and newly renovated structures.


Should I Get A Glass Front Door?

Considering you're on this page, you’re more than likely thinking about using a glass door as a front entrance. We’re here to tell you that you definitely should! Your front door is not just seen for being visually appealing, it is also the very first and last touchpoint that leaves a lasting impression on guests. While many people concentrate on what they imagine to be negative aspects of having a glass front door, such as security, privacy, and functionality, we can tell you as steel and wrought iron door manufacturers that modern day glass doors address every potential risk you would imagine from a glass door all while creating a beautiful view of your home’s forefront.    


Will a Glass Front Door Look Good With My Structure?

No matter the architectural theme of your structure, the use of glass in a front entrance door offers a universal aesthetic that goes well with a multitude of concepts like contemporary, mid-century, or even the famed barn house look. However, the decision to incorporate glass is not the only visual aspect to consider when personalizing your home. Many door manufacturers offer a wide range of door designs that build off of the glass material so you can customize your door to better fit the overall look you’re going for.


All-glass Riva double steel doors opening into a residential dining room.

Are Glass Front Doors Secure and Private?

One of the first questions many people have usually relates to the security of using glass for a front door, fair train of thought in our opinion. After all, glass tends to be weaker than most other materials right? Despite common belief, many glass door manufacturers test their glass for impact resistance as well as the various glass manufacturers that make the glass itself. Even varying types of glass can definitely increase durability such as tempered, impact tested, and double pane. "But won’t people be able to see right into my house?" Great question, and you’re right, using a fully transparent glass will allow others to see your house’s interior, however custom glass can be used to counteract and deter any onlookers. Fortunately custom glass can both increase your privacy and make your entry look even better! From frosted to textured glass their are a large number of options to choose from when it comes to incorporating custom glass into your door.

Can I Use More Than Just Glass For My Front Door?

Yes, and all options look great alongside glass! Mix the traditional wood material with a nice glass pane and get a beautiful looking door that has a vintage look. Looking for something more sleek and luxurious? Try mixing a custom frosted glass and a steel door or wrought iron.  No matter the material you find, you are assured to get a beautiful look out of your entryway.      








Transoms and Sidelites

Created for the sole purpose of aesthetics and functionality, transoms and sidelites are the best way to add an extra sense of “wow”. Transoms are glass panels above your door that allow more light inside the home. Sidelights are similar but instead of above the door they are to the side of the front door. Both of these additions can be used in combination and are fully customizable. Frosted and rain textured glass are some of the most common customizations that can also limit the visibility for privacy purposes.


Leave a Lasting First Impression:

If you are looking to have your home naturally lit, we encourage you to utilize glass doors! With the versatility and custom capabilities of glass front doors, it is always a great idea to make them an addition to your home. Since the front door is the first and last impression when having guests, it’s important that your entrance reflects the look that you want for your home.    


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