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Exclusive Iron Doors in Birmingham, Alabama

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Exclusive Iron Doors in Birmingham, Alabama

Known as the founding city for the recognition of Veterans Day, Birmingham, Alabama holds the nation’s oldest and largest Veterans Day Celebration, is home to a variety of scenic parks, and several award winning restaurants. It is also known as Magic City, due to the city’s rapid growth in the iron and steel industry.

In fact, Birmingham is the only place in the world where all the ingredients necessary to make iron – coal, iron ore, and limestone –are present within a ten-mile radius. The city has also preserved a lot of its traditional and historical architecture. If you need a custom door to fit the door frame of your historic structure, Exclusive Iron Doors can work with you to protect and enhance your Birmingham home or business.

Geometric wrought iron double doors with large and simplistic custom windows surround the double doors.

Single and Doors in Birmingham

Our single wrought iron doors are available in both stock and custom sizes. Our expert, handcrafted designs make our iron doors both beautiful and durable. The size of your entryway should not interfere with its charm and sophistication. With various unique models of single wrought iron doors, we can adjust and customize for small entryways. 

If you have a larger entryway, it’s crucial to fill the space with intention. Our custom wrought iron double doors are hand forged and built with the highest quality of standards. Made for commercial and residential structures in Birmingham, our double iron doors combine beauty and structural dependability for an entrance no one can forget.

We can also choose from design shapes that completely change the outlook of your structure. From traditional squares, round, and eyebrow shapes, we will work with you to find the style that completely elevates your space in a way that aligns with the overall aesthetic.

Close up image up custom wrought iron door with rippled glass, lattice iron work, and a floral ornament.

Exclusive Wrought Iron Doors

The beauty of wrought iron is that, unlike cast iron, it is handmade by the team at Exclusive Iron Doors. By definition, it is steel that has been shaped by tools rather than being poured into a mold like a stencil. Your entryway is more than just a stencil that can be easily copied – it’s unique, just like your home or business. Regardless of the design you have in mind, the team at Exclusive Iron Doors can custom build the door of your dreams.

Riva Steel Doors and Windows

Their symmetrical appearance makes Riva steel doors and windows visually stunning and sleek. Despite their linear structure, we can customize our Riva steel products by adjusting the material and the thickness of the lines to achieve your desired doorway and window design. 

Plus, the combination of steel and glass naturally illuminate your space, instantly enhancing the appearance of your home or business. Select from multiple glass finishes to create the appearance you love while creating a space to view each season that Birmingham has to offer. Not to mention, they are highly durable so you can always feel safe and inspired in the presence of our custom doors and windows.

Sleek iron doors inside a residential home that are mainly glass with thin, geometric lines.

Creating Cohesion with Custom Iron Elements

Whether it’s your residential home or commercial business space – creating cohesion through professional iron works makes the world of a difference. At Exclusive Iron Doors, we specialize in more than just entryways. We offer windows, gates, railings, and even fireplace guards. Your space deserves the attention of custom and intentional iron works throughout.

Your entryway is one of the first things that someone sees when they approach your Birmingham home. It’s crucial for your home’s value and curb appeal, but also for how you feel in your own space. You likely use interior design elements that speak to your lifestyle and aesthetic vision, so why wouldn’t you do the same with your entryway and other functional elements of your home?

If you own a commercial business space, your customers and employees are sure to notice your attention to detail in your entryway and custom windows. You’ll look more professional and more intentional in all that you do. Afterall, the entry to your business is a doorway, not only to beauty, but to the future. Investing in a custom, luxury iron doors in Birmingham can show the degree to which you value future business growth. We’re here to guide you, with every last detail, to enter a space that makes you feel motivated.

Custom Iron Doors in Birmingham, Alabama

Living or working in the Magic City, it’s only fitting to consider the beauty of your own iron entryway. We are committed to building real human relationships, and providing the iron works that make you feel like the best version of yourself. From human to human, Exclusive Iron Doors is dedicated to providing luxury custom doors and other ironworks to elevate your commercial or residential space in Birmingham, Alabama.

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