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Iron Door Anatomy | Exclusive Iron Doors

Iron door anatomy media

Iron Door Anatomy | Exclusive Iron Doors

While most doors may seem simple to create, they are actually very intricate and consist of complicated parts. Even if just a single item is off, your door can be drastically changed. From the door frame to the threshold, the door anatomy must be considered when choosing an addition to your home. In this section we will go over the entire anatomy of a door so you can create your dream door.

Core Material

At Exclusive Iron Doors we offer a very durable and visually pleasing modern steel material for our custom doors. Using steel within our products gives us the flexibility needed to create limitless designs while ensuring our units are sturdy and beautiful. Let’s take a look at the manufacturing methods we use to make our doors look the way they do.

Wrought Iron

Don’t be confused with the word “Iron”. Well known for being a bit of a common misconception, our “Wrought Iron” products are actually made with modern steel. However our amazing team uses both traditional and new manufacturing methods to handcraft modern steel into a forged steel similar to that of a genuine “wrought iron” alloy. Because of this hand melding technique. we can offer limitless possibilities when it comes to door design.

Steel Core Material


Much like or wrought iron products, steel doors offer a great deal of security as well as an aesthetically pleasing look. While most steel doors can look very similar, they are very popular among the industry simply due to the sleek and modern style. With the linear look that we offer with our steel products, you have the ability to customize our steel doors with multitude of options that can tie your home or business together. 

Iron Door Anatomy Media
Custom solid 8 single square 3 panel

Door Panel

Door panels are a lot like how they sound. With the increasing popularity of the classic traditional door, panel doors are most definitely on the rise. But what are door panels? In short, the door panel is a design that gives the door an extra layer of design. Whether your door includes glass or not, door panels are created for aesthetic purposes. Often known as the opposite of flush doors, panel doors are created using two or more layers of material to bring out different designs for the door. While installation is usually a complicated process for most doors, Exclusive Iron Doors manufactures with ease of use in mind. Along with our Door Panels, we weld bullet hinges to the door panel for easy installation to the door frame. 


Often overlooked by many, the jamb is the vertical structure that runs with your door frame and wall. This structure much like the threshold has many benefits that add to your door. From aesthetics to security, the door jamb is responsible for creating a beautiful design for your door while ensuring that your deadbolt aligns properly. Need a specific jamb size? Give one of our sales reps a call and let’s figure out what works best for you. 

Door Handle

This is a pretty self explanatory entry, however it is necessary due to the fact that all of our doors are custom. We offer multiple styles and types of door handles to compliment your door with its specific specs and design type. The door handle is the main touchpoint of the door that allows you to get a good grip on the door to open your entryway. With various different styles of door handles, you get a different look to your door depending on the type of door handle you decide to go with. 


Depending on the style and design of your door, glass may or may not be incorporated into your custom door. We offer a variety of styles and features to be included with your custom glass. From glass texture to operable glass for ease of ventilation and cleaning, we can create the best possible options for you and your home! 

Deadbolt Lock

Lock Options

Security is everything when it comes to iron doors! No matter how heavy or large your door is, there is no use in buying an iron door for security if the door is unlocked. With multiple options for locks, you can turn your home into a safehouse with a large variety of lock options from traditional deadbolts, single-sided deadbolts, and even bluetooth locks you can control from your phone. No matter if you decide on steel or wrought iron, a good lock is needed to make sure you can get the full security benefit of your custom door. Interested in getting a lock with your door? Take a look at our multiple lock options!

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