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Interior French Doors to Elevate Your Home

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Interior French Doors to Elevate Your Home

Interior French Doors

Interior French doors are a refreshing twist to the classic exterior look. While the traditional French door is known as an exterior door with “grid-like” mullions, the popular trend nowadays is to use French doors to connect two rooms together rather than connect your interior to an entrance of your home. Not only do French doors look unique on their own, they are incredibly customizable to fit just about any interior design theme you are looking to accomplish. Considering the abilities and tools that door manufacturers possess, your next home addition is bound to look great!



What Types Of French Doors Are There?

One of the main reasons that French doors are so widely used is due to their high capacity for customization. The world of interior design has adapted to so many variations of the French door that new categories are now being used to describe these amazing doors. But you may be asking yourself, “What type of French door is right for me?”. Well, let’s take a look at some of these categories and figure out which one is right for you!

Riva single 3 lite pivot

Single Interior French Doors

The beauty, elegance, and security of single interior French doors are complemented by the highest quality materials and expertly crafted designs used to make them. Depending on the aesthetic you would like to achieve, French doors can take on various looks when specific materials are used in the manufacturing process. Steel and wrought iron for example are great materials to get a modern interior look. Various unique models of single wrought iron doors are custom made for smaller rooms. Typically, U.S. interior doors measure out to be 36” x 80”, this would be ideal for interior doors being used as entrances to bedrooms and bathrooms.

Riva double square commercial

Double Interior French Doors

Although double French doors are mainly known for exits and entryways to outdoor areas, houses with larger common areas much like a living room or an in-home patio are perfect places to utilize a double French door. The typical size in the U.S. for double doors is 64” x 80”, which allows for a larger amount of surface area. This gives you the ability to put even more detail into the doors and also provides convenience when moving large objects in and out of the room. This would definitely make things easier for when moving furniture!
Riva Single 3 Panel With Sidelights Interior View

French Doors With Custom Glass

“If I use a French door for my room, won’t people be able to see me at any time? ”Fortunately, there's a solution for that! Considering that the glass and the door are two separate aspects that make up a French door, glass manufacturers have the ability to custom make your glass to achieve just about any outcome that you can think of! Worried about privacy? Use a custom frosted look to your French door to limit transparency for privacy. Looking to keep the transparency but change the smooth glass look? Textures can be used to give the glass an altered look as though your glass looks like rain drops are present on your glass!

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