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Increase Curb Appeal With An Iron Door

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Increase Curb Appeal With An Iron Door

The curb appeal of your home matters for several reasons. Every aspect of the façade creates a first impression, from the quality of the paint to energy-efficient windows, to wrought iron doors. Your front door is the centerpiece of your home’s entryway and, thus, has a profound influence on its overall appearance.

Aside from your home looking great, you may want to increase curb appeal because it:

  • Increases property value.
  • Shows you take pride in your home.
  • Reveals you’re serious about maintaining your property.
  • Can discourage burglars and vandals.
  • Garners the respect of your neighbors.

Curb appeal can also increase safety. Less clutter around the outside of your home reduces the risk of accidents. When address numbers are visible, first responders can identify your home more quickly during an emergency.

Why a Great First Impression Counts

New York Project Overview

An economical and practical solution is to install a front door that lasts. Wood is attractive but tends to deteriorate over time. On the other hand, iron can withstand years, even decades, of use and exposure to the elements. An iron door is much less likely to show signs of wear, so it will continue to leave a good impression on visitors, neighbors, and potential buyers.

You need to focus on this impression. Home buyers look for:

  1. Savings: Exterior replacement projects, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), have the best value when it comes to improving curb appeal. Entry door replacements and installing new windows and siding can yield a return on investment of 78 percent at resale. The NAR’s 2014 Remodeling Cost vs. Value Report also ranked garage door replacements, which it found can have a return of up to 83.7 percent, so installing iron doors isn’t far behind.
  2. Efficiency: How does your front door contribute to energy efficiency? Today’s doors are designed with aesthetics and efficiency in mind and, therefore, increase a home’s value. According to the S. Department of Energy, modern exterior doors are better insulated and fit more properly than older doors, providing a tighter seal. They often have ENERGY-STAR-rated glass as well. You’ll, therefore, find the product’s U-factor and solar heat gain coefficient on the label to determine its efficiency.
  3. Elegance: Your initial purchase may be enough to achieve the look you want. A front door does not have to be extravagant to match the exterior décor, but don’t be afraid to add decorative glass, a doorknocker, or metal grills or hinges to create a grand entrance. You want to make your entrance welcoming. To do so, you can also add plants or replace old doormats to freshen things up.
  4. Visibility: Wrought iron front doors can improve the view from the outside and inside. While most iron doors don’t offer the same outside view as their patio counterparts, they can improve visibility depending on what you had before. Better glass coverage and quality also let in more light, brightening the room and creating an impression of greater size and openness.


Home buyers see things differently today than they used to. They can view a home for sale via an online listing. If they go beyond this step, they will be critical of it in person. A potential buyer will often make a decision based on what they foresee spending on utilities and improvements. That first impression really does count.

It's All in the Door

The front door is where any visitor, including a potential buyer, enters. It may be the first thing they see up close. High-quality materials are important, but charm is also important for curb appeal. To ensure you address this factor, you must find a style of door that works for your home and its entryway. Your home will then be a sight to see, and visitors and potential buyers will have a reason to admire it.

We’ve focused on aesthetics a bit, so far, but wrought iron doors offer many other benefits, including:

  • Strength: Iron doors are strong, like their steel counterparts, and can withstand years of use. They’re resistant to break-ins and natural hazards such as violent weather. An iron door resists damage from wind, rain, ice, and heat, and it is less likely than other types of doors to require repairs.
  • Versatility: A wide range of styles is available to accommodate your installation. Examples include Exclusive Iron Doors’ single- and double-configurations of round, square, and eyebrow doors, and the color, handle, and other options you can choose from.
  • Low maintenance: An iron door isn’t easily damaged, and it resists wear and tear better than just about anything else. You usually don’t have to worry about the time and cost of repairing your front door or touching it up.
  • Instant transformation: Provided there’s a fresh coat of paint on the exterior walls and your landscaping is tended to, an iron door will instantly transform a house. All it takes is the time to install it. You will instantly have front door curb appeal to boast about!
  • Security: An iron door is extremely hard to get past in a break-in, so it protects you and your family. It also creates the impression of security. Criminals are less likely to try to break in, as your home looks more fortified. Burglars prefer to pull off home invasions quickly and with the path of least resistance.

An iron front door also conveys a commitment to quality, which leads buyers to believe you pay the same level of attention to upkeep and your own personal belongings. It not only leaves a good impression, but buyers may also think you’ve maintained and updated other important features, such as plumbing, ductwork, and appliances, so there’s little work for them to do after the closing.


Other Upgrades Worth Considering

If you don’t need to upgrade everything, you can improve curb appeal on a budget. The front door isn’t the only part of your house to look at. Replacing your windows can be just as effective because new windows are energy-efficient and create lower energy bills. New trim will freshen up your home’s look, so it appears well-cared-for.

Windows highlighting the design and theme of your house can appeal to prospective buyers right away, so they are among the top curb appeal ideas for ranch style homes in natural settings, for example, where every detail counts.

Not that you would skimp on curb appeal for an urban home. Improvements by neighbors can put pressure on you to upgrade, and prospective buyers are just as critical. Many projects don’t require much time or even a significant up-front investment. Some worthwhile home improvements to consider include:

  • Updating lighting: Outdoor fixtures can deter intruders and provide security for occupants and pedestrians. You can add lighting to illuminate outdoor paths, landscaping, and the entryway to show off your wrought iron doors. Modern LED lighting is long-lasting, while solar-powered lights show you’re serious about efficiency and environmental conservation.
  • Repainting: Exterior paint will eventually lose its luster with exposure to the elements. From time to time, you may feel the need to do a pressure washing. However, a thorough wash won’t always do the trick. A fresh coat or two can freshen up your exterior or give your home a new look.
  • Installing a new address number: A house number that’s easy to see is great for curb appeal and safety. Police, firefighters, and medical personnel will be less likely to miss your house during an emergency. Visitors can find your home more easily, too. Choose a style that matches your home and wrought iron front doors; it can either blend in or provide a visual contrast.

Find Your Match at Exclusive Iron Doors Today

View our online catalog at Exclusive Iron Doors to find an iron door within your budget and one that can significantly increase curb appeal. You can order single or double iron doors to complement or improve a home’s exterior façade, or request custom doors in any size or design. An iron door can do much to increase energy efficiency, security, and curb appeal. Contact us to discuss your options and front door replacement costs, and a representative will be glad to assist.

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