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How to Clean and Maintain Your Iron Door

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How to Clean and Maintain Your Iron Door

Your front door is a lot like your building’s first impression to your visitors, customers, or even realtors. Although it may not be a common thought, iron door maintenance is needed to prevent deterioration and lose visual appeal. To keep your iron door looking the best it possibly can it is recommended to clean/maintain once every 2-3 months. Due to the doors base iron material, minimal work is needed to keep up with your entryway. In this article we’ll show you how to maintain your door so you can have your building look its best.

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Clean Your Iron Door

Although iron doors are an incredibly durable and tough material, they can be susceptible to rust from water. The best way to clean your iron door is to use a damp cloth and gently clear up any dirt and debris from your door. After your door is dirt and spot free, go over the cleaned areas with a dry cloth to clear up any moisture. As stated above, iron material is susceptible to water leaving your door vulnerable to rust if not taken care of properly. In the event that you spot rust spots on your door, please refer to the next section in this article. 

How to Remove Existing Rust From Your Iron Door

If your door is currently showing rust, YOU MUST REMOVE ANY AT ALL RUST IMMEDIATELY. Rust by definition is “Iron Oxide” which occurs with the combination of iron, oxygen, and water. Once rust is turned into iron oxide, the iron material (your door) will begin to lose its physical integrity and become much less durable if left untreated. So if you're looking to remove the rust from your door rather than clean it, then look no further.


Let’s Start With Sandpaper

For iron doors we recommend using sandpaper so you have complete control over the areas you are scrubbing instead of having an anti-rust chemical drip down your door. It's best to begin with 80 grade sandpaper to take off the rust and follow up with 220 grade sandpaper. Using sandpaper in this sequence is recommended to take the rust off and smooth out the door to make the texture consistent with the rest of the surface area. \

Great…. Now My Door Is Missing Color…. Now What?

After you sand your door, you will be left with a patch of pure iron, this is where you touch-up your door to match the rest of the door color. You do not need to have any type of special certification or training to touch up your door. What you would need to do next is remove any dust or particles that are left over from sanding. After the area is clean, go over the area with a paint primer and let the primer dry. After drying, use a door paint (that matches your door color) and go over the primer to blend the sanded portion into the rest of the door.

Now You Know How To Maintain Your Door!

Great job, now your door is looking brand new! Maintaining your iron door is not a hard task. However consistency is important, clean your door at least once a month. Iron doors are a long term investment, therefore your door should last years. Much like a car, if you take care of your door, your door will take care of you. No matter if you have an entryway, external, or internal door, regular maintenance is beneficial to you and your door. If you’re interested in more information about iron or steel doors take a look at our digital showroom of numerous iron and steel door styles.

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Do Wrought Iron Doors Rust?

Yes, wrought iron doors can be prone to rust, however, this is an easy to issue to avoid! Even if your iron door has already been affected by rust, you can easily take care of the issue!

How Do You Maintain An Iron Door?

Regular cleaning and proper care can ensure that your door stays in mint condition. A simple wipe down with a damp cloth makes sure your doors keeps its beautiful color and drying the moisture with a dry cloth keeps your door from accumulating any kind of rust.

What Do You Clean Wrought Iron Doors With?

A simple water and cloth wipe down can make sure that your door looks its best! But Make sure to dry any excess water to prevent rust.

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