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Exclusive Iron Doors in San Francisco, California

Custom riva no mulls 3 units int

Exclusive Iron Doors in San Francisco, California

With more than 29 years experience, we have been manufacturing and delivering luxury products to our clients in San Francisco. We find that the cultural center of northern California is an amazing place to help you grow your curb appeal. Enticing more than two million visitors per year, tourists are drawn to numerous attractions. From the beautiful golden gate park to the breathtaking scenery on Lombard Street it's not hard to see San Francisco as a destination. Here at Exclusive Iron doors, we can make your home a visual attraction that fits in well with "The City". Our product options are custom made with either wrought iron or riva steel help us stand out from the rest. When you mix our core material options with our production process you get a product that not only looks great, but you also get the best functionality with your iron door.

Wrought Iron Doors Perfect For San Francisco

Our wrought iron doors are hand made using both modern and traditional methods that give your door durability and beauty. Manufacturing our units with our method gives us the flexibility to create various designs. No matter if you are looking for a wrought iron single or double door we have various design options available. From our artistic designs that show off true elegance, to our sleek modern designs that can bring out the stylish aspect of your home. 

Discover Our Riva Steel Doors and Windows

Not in the market for a wrought iron door? No problem, we also offer amazing custom Riva Steel products that will turn heads. Because of their symmetrical design, we can custom make your Riva steel door to your liking. Also offered as a single or a double door, we can create custom doors for either residential or commercial buildings. Much like the wrought iron products, we also offer Riva steel doors in a variety of styles. Our single square doors offer a minimalist look that goes a long way when it comes to aesthetic. Meanwhile we also offer a great selection of divided square options designs created to bring out the fine details of your dream entrance.

Single Doors

Riva single 3 lite with sidelight and transom

Our single wrought iron entry doors are available in stock and custom sizes. The beauty, elegance, and security of wrought iron doors are complemented by the highest quality materials and expertly crafted designs. We’ve maintained manufacturing processes that yield the best wrought iron doors while advancing with technology to create elaborate door designs. Various unique models of single wrought iron doors are custom made for smaller entryways. Our designs separate our products from the rest so you have a one-of-a-kind front door that matches the charm and sophistication of your home. These single doors offer basic, yet durable designs in either square, eyebrow, or round frames.

Available in a multitude of designs that range from rustic, modern, farmhouse, and panel, our iron doors can transform your building into a destination. Trusted by thousands on a yearly basis, we truly appreciate each of our clients. Each of our doors come with functionality features created for your benefit and other visual options for you to decide.

Double Doors

Roxane double square copper

Our exterior wrought iron double doors are hand forged and built to the highest quality standards. In addition to an entry door that’s strong and durable, you can find a range of door designs in our catalog available in three standard frame types. Our wrought iron double entry doors come in several unique series with crafted designs that maximize the impact of your front door. For double doors that exceed your expectations, browse our stock designs found nowhere else, or contact us for custom-built wrought iron double front doors meeting your exact requirements. With Exclusive Iron Doors, any sizes and designs are possible. Made for commercial and residential structures, our doors are top quality when it comes to security, functionality, and beauty. Because we are a custom door manufacturer, we have the ability to modify and adapt our double iron doors to any aspect of your liking. Whether you need a specific size, shape, or design, we can help you create the structural aesthetic of your dreams.

Looking for a specific look with your double iron door entryway? We create designs for every theme you can think of from victorian, modern, rustic, or even mid-century. Not only do our designs revolve around the surface area of our doors, but the shape of our doors as well. Door shape options range from traditional squares, round, and eyebrow shapes that can completely change the outlook of your structure.

Bi-fold Doors

Riva bifold 10 panes

Bifold doors can give your home the best possible look of elegance and refined taste. Primarily used for patio entrances, bifold doors operate by folding itself toward either side of the walls. Usually bifold doors incorporate a large surface area of glass so you have a great view of the backyard or patio. The main purpose of these doors is to give yourself a large transparent area where you can obtain a great view of your property without ever leaving your house. Even though the main purpose is visibility, you still have the ability to have your doors custom made. Using linear steel material, bifold doors can have various design options that are highly customisable. 

Residential Doors

As a custom steel and wrought iron door manufacturer, we understand that first impressions are everything when it comes to homeownership. Your front entrance brings about the personality of your home and what lies behind that front door. That is why we create our doors with the highest quality material using a mixture of traditional and modern manufacturing methods. Fabricated to ensure aesthetics, functionality, and security, we strive to provide the best residential doors to our clients. 

Various design options can help transform your household into the home of your dreams. Pick between our two separate lines of Riva Steel and Wrought Iron Door products. 

Create the traditional look you’ve always dreamed of with our Wrought Iron line of products. Handcrafted by our superior warehouse team, you can incorporate elegant scrollwork, beautiful glass, and a visually stimulating addition to your home. 

Update and make your home into a modern paradise with our line of Riva Steel Doors. The linear and sleek designs create a beautiful aesthetic highly customizable to your needs.

Commercial Doors

Riva double square winery

Exclusive Iron Doors offers quality luxury commercial steel and wrought iron doors. Pick from our large variety of products from either our Riva Steel or Wrought Iron line. Created to bring attention to any commercial building, our products are created with quality materials and methods so you can enjoy your door without worry. 

Bring out that traditional style with Exclusive Iron Doors’ wrought iron line of doors. Consisting of wrought modern steel and glass, you can get the best possible look out of your commercial building. Due to the amount of variations offered, your options are limitless when it comes to overall customization.

Our Riva Steel line of products can bring our the best in your building. Created to mimic a contemporary style, our Riva Steel products are created with functionality in mind. While our Riva products consist largely of glass, we incorporate shatter-proof double pane e-glass so you don't have to compromise when it comes to energy efficiency.

Entry Doors

Eleanor double eyebrow install black

Created from either steel or wrought iron, you can achieve a large variety of looks. Our doors made with steel contain a design that revolves around a linear look that is highly customizable for those that want a more contemporary look to match their structure. All Riva Steel products created by Exclusive Iron Doors are designed with quality, aesthetic, and ease of use in mind to ensure that every item produced is created to perfectly fit our client's desire. Not only do our products look visually appealing, we make it a mission to create the best possible doors. Durability is a must when it comes to producing the best possible products from tempering and sealing our products for a leak-proof experience to installing a pre-insulated flush bolt system for security. We proudly stand by our products and guarantee nothing but the best when we provide our clients with our great products.

Create a unique door to call your own with our wrought iron doors. Unlike our steel products, wrought iron is a hand wrought carbon steel made to take on designs of all types. From simple bends to one-of-a-kind designs, our warehouse team can make your true vision design come to life. No matter your style, Exclusive Iron Doors makes quality products that adhere perfectly to all of your requirements. 

Patio Doors

Bi-fold Doors

No matter if you're looking for a door leading to your backyard, deck, or pool, you can never go wrong with steel or wrought iron patio doors. Made to bring a beautiful view to your outdoor oasis, our patio doors revolve around transparency and natural light. Taking on a French door like structure, we create a door that can give you the feeling of being outdoors without having to leave the comfort of your home. Worried about privacy? Don’t be! Various glass options can protect your privacy by allowing for visuals from the inside out.

Interior Doors

RIva Steel Double WIne Cellar Door

Interior doors are self explanatory being a door that is within one room of a building opening to another room within the building. While most companies differentiate interior and exterior doors by the core material used for safety and durability purposes, we create all of our doors with sturdy modern steel to ensure quality to all entries and exits of your building. Made to fit well with the overall architecture, we offer the best possible interior door designs to compliment your building design.

Exterior Doors

Custom Double Door New York Project

Once again, exterior doors are a self explanatory type of door. As a door that leads from the inside of a structure to the outside, we make sure that our exterior doors take on the aspects of security, durability, and beauty. While interior doors consist of a single type of style due to the interior layout and structures, exterior doors can offer much more considering these exits can lead to a multitude of outside areas. Primarily leading to a front yard, backyard, porch, deck, pool, or even a garden area, exterior doors can come with multiple designs. Our doors are not just exit and entry ways, but more of a beautiful addition to your home that compliments your home’s interior and exterior structures. Make your exterior door look like a 5-star retreat with various design options we offer.

Wrought Iron Doors from San Antonio to San Francisco

Crate and Shipping

With the ability to ship products all over the United States, so when it comes to delivering our iron doors to San Francisco we can accommodate all of our clients.

From Human To Human

As factory owners we work with our team to ensure each custom handcrafted piece can come together to bring the art and functionality that will activate the emotional connection to inspire the full potential of each home. Take a look at the video above to find out a little about who we are.

Worried About Functionality? Don't be!

  1. All of our doors Wrought Iron or Riva Steel are made with 14 gauge material adding weight and security to your door
  2. Our products are filled with polyurethane to help you save energy
  3. Weatherstripping is included with our doors to minimize air filtration
  4. Our threshold is manufactured to keep out water
  5. We can modify any of our designs to create a hurricane resistant product

The Proof Is In The Feedback

We understand that many people like to look into real reviews before making a decision as to whether or not to go with on company over another, so take a look at our social media platforms and see why so many people like to work with Exclusive Iron Doors

"Awesome Job ! Thanks for the doors my wife its so happy, im glad you guys used our door to show off ; ) you guys are definitely getting the next Job!!"

-John Jonsen

Fully Custom Features

Frost Glass


Exclusive Iron Doors includes tempered glass with all of our doors. However we offer multiple glass options to better fit your vision, whether your preference is clear glass, frosted glass, rain textured glass, or aqua textured glass, we have options that will make your door stand out.

Custom adelene double with transom inside view

Operable Glass

Let in that cool breeze without ever opening your door. With our Operable glass option, you have the opportunity to open glass paneling without sacrificing security. 


All paints are made from a high-quality process and hand finished. Our primer epoxy paint resists salt water and, on top of that, we apply a high-quality automotive paint.

Modern Handle


Made with aesthetic and ease of use in mind, we offer door handle options that compliment your design.

Door Swing

 When it comes to the fine details, we think of everything we can to make the best possible custom doors. That’s why we include a door swing option to give our clients the choice of how they want to open the door to their home.

Deadbolt Lock

Security locks

Keep your home or business safe from intruders with one of our deadbolt locks. No matter if you want a standard deadbolt or a smart lock that you can control via Bluetooth, you can keep your building safe from intruders without having to shop around for different security locks.

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