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Exclusive Iron Doors in Atlanta, Georgia

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Exclusive Iron Doors in Atlanta, Georgia

Exclusive Iron Doors creates custom wrought iron and steel doors throughout the U.S including the beautiful city of Atlanta, Georgia. With the breathtaking skylines visible from multiple points to the city, Atlanta is a visually pleasing city. From Skyline Park to the Museum of Design, Atlanta is perfect for incorporating true art into your home. Here at Exclusive Iron Doors, that is exactly what we do. No matter if you’re renovating or building your dream home, we are here to help. With a multitude of design options from size, material, style, and glass, you are in charge of your perfect door. When you combine our quality products with our customer service, you get the best possible experience you can imagine. Still not convinced? Here’s a glimpse of what we do!

Single and Double Doors For Atlanta, Georgia Residential And Commercial Purposes

With a large variety of door designs and features offered, your options are limitless. Modern designs, glass type, door handles, and even door swing, if you have an idea, we can manufacture it. If you’re conflicted about the type of door that you want, let’s take a look at what we have to offer.

Robinson single square with sidelight

Single Doors

Primarily used in residence buildings and interior entrances, single doors can tie any room together. Design variety is diverse when you deal with Exclusive Iron Doors. No matter your vision we will help you unlock your homes potential. Various stock designs are available in our online showroom to inspire how you want your entrance to look.

Riva double square install wood

Double Doors

Whether you’re looking for a residential or commercial door, we have designs that can achieve the exact look you’re looking for. From modern elegance, to rustic styles we will work with you and be there every step of the way. Double doors can help your curb appeal by increasing the size of your entrance. As stated in Houzz, upgrading front doors with great visuals of interior lighting are a great way to boost curb appeal. While double doors are mainly used for commercial purposes, they look just as good when incorporated into a residential home.

Custom Wrought Iron and Steel Doors Made For Atlanta, Georgia Clients

While most households use traditional wood for their doors, we wanted to work with the best material to perfectly capture elegance and class. As a result, we have decided to help our clients stand out from the rest by using wrought iron and steel material within our products. We have found that with our manufacturing methods we can adapt different designs in our doors. The use of wrought iron and steel is not only at a cosmetic advantage over wood doors but they are much more dependable. Made to last, our products are an investment that can last a lifetime when taken care of properly. 


Wrought Iron Doors

While iron can seem like an aged material, Exclusive Iron Doors can handcraft and modify our wrought iron material to fit your design. No matter if you want a traditional or contemporary look we can help you realise your vision with wrought iron material. 

Riva Single 3 Lite with Sidelight and Transom

Steel Doors

For our steel doors, we find that our Riva steel line achieves a look that can show off your home’s true elegance and modern style. With the linear designs that come with our steel products, we have found these doors to be highly customizable.

Worried About Functionality? Don't be!

  1. All of our doors Wrought Iron or Riva Steel are made with 14 gauge material adding weight and security to your door
  2. Our products are filled with polyurethane to help you save energy
  3. Weatherstripping is included with our doors to minimize air filtration
  4. Our threshold is manufactured to keep out water
  5. We can modify any of our designs to create a hurricane resistant product

From Human to Human

As factory owners we work with our team to ensure each custom handcrafted piece can come together to bring the art and functionality that will activate the emotional connection to inspire the full potential of each home.

Fully Custom Features

Aqua Tex


Exclusive Iron Doors includes tempered glass with all of our doors. However we offer multiple glass options to better fit your vision, whether your preference is clear glass, frosted glass, rain textured glass, or aqua textured glass, we have options that will make your door stand out.

Custom adelene double with transom inside view

Operable Glass

Let in that cool breeze without ever opening your door. With our Operable glass option, you have the opportunity to open glass paneling without sacrificing security. 


All paints are made from a high-quality process and hand finished. Our primer epoxy paint resists salt water and, on top of that, we apply a high-quality automotive paint.


Made with aesthetic and ease of use in mind, we offer door handle options that compliment your design.

Door Swing

 When it comes to the fine details, we think of everything we can to make the best possible custom doors. That’s why we include a door swing option to give our clients the choice of how they want to open the door to their home.

Deadbolt Lock

Security locks

Keep your home or business safe from intruders with one of our deadbolt locks. No matter if you want a standard deadbolt or a smart lock that you can control via Bluetooth, you can keep your building safe from intruders without having to shop around for different security locks.

Want To See How We Can Transform Your Atlanta, Georgia Structure?

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