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Enjoy Your Patio To The Fullest With Riva Steel Doors

Enjoy Your Patio To The Fullest With Riva Steel Doors

Patio doors can make all of the difference when you are looking to enhance the atmosphere of your patio entrance. From solid to glass doors, the type of exterior patio door can make or break your desired home design theme, we have found that our Riva Steel doors work great if you’re looking for an amazing door to compliment your patio home addition. However, you may be asking yourself, “Why should I get a Riva Steel for my patio?”


Exterior Doors Provide Many Benefits!

Despite being made almost entirely of glass, Riva steel doors provide numerous opportunities to elevate your patio to the next level.


Visually Stunning

Taking influence from the French Door, Riva steel doors look amazing in just about any place a French door would. By definition, French doors have at least one pair of glass panes extending for most of its length created by using mullions to create a “pane” shape. Because of this design, you have the ability to incorporate Riva doors into any type of patio theme without having to compromise on visuals. While patio doors are usually visualized from an “outside looking in” perspective, it is important to make sure that your exterior Riva doors look just as good from an interior view. Fortunately, Riva doors give off a universal style that pairs well with an abundance of interior design styles.  


Let In That Natural Light

Due to the transparency of glass, Riva doors can help you save money on electricity bills by letting in large amounts of light. Plus, they are perfect for adding an extra sense of appeal to your patio from an interior view.    




“Aren’t Riva doors easy to break into?”

Understandably, we hear this question a lot, and we are here to say that us as manufacturers we have the ability to get more security out of our Riva doors than you think! If this is a concern for you ask our team about how to add more safety to your units so that we can guide you.


Is it the privacy that you're worried about? Don’t worry, this is another viable concern commonly had. However, this represents another obstacle that can be addressed! Because of the customizable glass options that are available, you have the ability to limit the transparency so you won’t have to worry about onlookers from the “outside in” or vice versa. Frost glass is a great option when it comes to limiting visibility!



As manufacturers we offer much more than security, our units come with double pane glass and insulated to help you save on some bills! You can also upgrade your glass to be Low E to increase the energy efficiency. Live in an extreme climate area? Ask about our thermally broken options. When combined, you don’t have to worry about hot or cold air entering into your home, giving you one less thing to worry about when it comes to maintaining a room’s temperature.


Increase Curb Appeal

Looking to flip your home? Nowadays, the trend of many home buyers is to have a much more “open” feel with lots of natural light. Considering that Riva Steel Doors are made to let in as much light as possible and create the perception that two separate rooms are one larger room, transparent doors are the way to go!


Adding a French door-influenced addition to your patio can even make a difference when it comes to getting your desired dollar amount for your home. According to French Doors are, “a good investment in your home, since they don’t cost much but add significant resale value, so they almost pay for themselves.”


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