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Custom Wrought Iron Doors in Dallas, TX

Custom wrought iron doors

Custom Wrought Iron Doors in Dallas, TX

There's a distinct charm and pride that comes with being Texan, and Dallas stands as a shining testament to this spirit. As the sprawling urban landscape of Dallas mirrors the vast Texas sky, it's a city that demands nothing but the best for its homes and businesses. As a proud Texas-based company, Exclusive Iron Doors is honored to serve the vibrant Dallas community. Our commitment to excellence, rooted in our Texan ethos, ensures that every door and window we craft reflects the unmatched integrity and style of the Lone Star State.

The Ideal Iron Door for Dallas Homes and Businesses

From ever-evolving downtown Dallas to the stately homes of Highland Park, this city is a canvas of diverse architectural beauty. Exclusive Iron Doors caters to this eclectic mix by offering wrought iron doors in Dallas, TX tailored for both residential and commercial spaces. Whether your style is vintage charm or ultra-modern minimalism, our doors promise to elevate the aesthetics and security of your property.

Riva Steel Doors

Crafted with heavy-duty 14 gauge steel, Riva Steel doors are both robust and aesthetically pleasing. The added polyurethane filling provides energy efficiency, and the double pane, tempered glass offers a layer of insulation. For weather resilience, these doors are fitted with weatherstrippings and thresholds designed to minimize air and water infiltration. For ease of use, the barrel hinges are designed for heavy use, and our double doors are equipped with a pre-insulated flush bolt system. And for those in storm-prone areas, we offer options to enhance hurricane resistance. riva steel window

Riva Steel Windows

Our Riva Steel windows offer diverse configurations, each catering to specific design and functional needs: Fixed: The Riva standard 2x1 is distinctive with its true divided lite configuration, characterized by lean, sturdy 1½” thick mullions that provide an unobstructed view. Casement: Designed for maximum ventilation, these windows come with multiple hinges, allowing for an expansive, up to 90-degree, door-like opening, merging interiors with the outdoors effortlessly. Awning: Ideal for those who value privacy and ventilation simultaneously, awning windows open from the bottom, ensuring fresh air even during light rain, usually positioned higher or paired with stationary windows.

Customize Your Dallas Iron Doors

Your doorway is a reflection of your vision and individuality, a unique blend of art and architecture. With Exclusive Iron Doors, you have the canvas and the tools to turn your vision into a reality. Here's how you can customize every aspect of your Dallas iron door: glass options

Glass Options

Our iron doors are complemented with tempered glass. Customize your view with clear glass, frosted, rain textured, or the stunning aqua textured glass to infuse personality into your door.     operable glass

Operable Glass

Experience the charm of Dallas' gentle breezes without unlocking your door. Our operable glass feature offers security and ventilation in one, a perfect nod to functionality and beauty.     color choices

Color Choices

All our paints undergo a rigorous quality check. From primer epoxy that wards off salt water to the lustrous finish of automotive paint, the hues breathe life into your vision.     steel handles


More than just functionality, our handles stand as a testament to artistry and ergonomics, ensuring that every entrance and exit is a graceful one.     door swing

Door Swing

Our door swing options prioritize your comfort and design preference, ensuring each door aligns with your vision.     security locks

Security Locks

Elevate your safety game with our range of deadbolt locks. From traditional security to Bluetooth-enabled smart locks, we ensure your peace of mind is always in check.    

Our Process: From Vision to Reality with Exclusive Iron Doors

From your initial vision to the final installation, our process at Exclusive Iron Doors is a meticulously crafted journey designed to ensure your complete satisfaction. Dive into the stages that transform your dream custom iron door in Dallas into a tangible masterpiece.

1. Begin with a Personal Touch

We value genuine human connections. Bypass the hassle of automated systems and speak directly to our dedicated sales representatives. Share your vision, and let's discuss how to bring it to life. Call for a free quote at (888) 877-7716 today!

2. Channel Your Creativity

Embrace the freedom to design a door that captures your dream aesthetic. Whether you're drawn to one of our existing designs or wish to craft something entirely unique, our range, from wrought iron to Riva Steel doors and windows, offers endless possibilities. We'll provide a detailed visual of your chosen design, which you can approve or tweak with the guidance of our expert team. Rest assured, we maintain open communication throughout.

3. Let the Craftsmanship Begin

After securing your approval on the design, your vision moves to our manufacturing floor. Our artisans employ a blend of traditional and contemporary techniques to ensure that your door is not just beautiful but also embodies safety and durability.

4. Delivery Tailored to Your Needs

Regardless of how far you are from our base in San Antonio, Texas, we ensure that your custom-made door reaches you securely and efficiently. For locations within a 500-mile radius, our skilled crew can personally deliver and install your unit. If you're situated beyond this range, we offer various shipping options, from LTL and DTL to flatbed, to suit your convenience. More on shipping details.

5. Revel in Your Masterpiece

Once your Dallas iron door graces your space, you'll truly understand our mission: creating custom handcrafted products that forge an emotional connection and elevate the essence of your home or business. Screenshot 2020 09 29 at 9.38.30 AM  

Explore All Your Options with Exclusive Iron Doors

Discover the versatility of Exclusive Iron Doors with options tailored to every preference. Whether you're drawn to our ready-made stock designs that showcase timeless elegance or you're inspired to craft a custom piece that captures your unique vision, we've got you covered. Contact us today to get started!

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