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Completing Your Kitchen: How to Choose a Pantry Door

Completing Your Kitchen: How to Choose a Pantry Door


Looking to renovate and transform your kitchen? Even the smallest upgrades can make all of the difference when it comes to redesigning your cooking area! Although pantry doors can be seen as minor kitchen features, upgrading these kitchen additions can be the interior design facelift that turns heads and leaves your guests in awe! While the majority of people don’t necessarily see pantry doors as a huge visual aspect of your kitchen, we’re here to show you that your pantry door can compliment your interior aesthetic and add an extra sense of personification to your home.

Pantry Door Types

While there is no shame in using generic pantry doors, manufacturers can now create a wide selection of doors to help you tie your kitchen makeover together!

French Doors

Encapsulate the look of modern design by using interior French Doors for your pantry. Get that contemporary look that’s so popular today with the “grid-like” design and structure of French Doors. Adding both visual and functional enhancements, French doors can be used for multiple purposes. On top of the sleek look given off by the shear design, door manufacturers often add a transparent material so onlookers can get a sense of what is behind the door.  

Custom Glass Doors

“Aren’t French doors and glass doors the same thing?”
Well, not technically, while French doors commonly use glass material in their designs, what sets French doors and glass doors apart are the linear mullions that are used with French Doors. Glass doors are typically defined as doors that’s surface area is predominantly glass without the use of linear mullions that are seen in the large majority of French doors.This large surface area of glass makes a great pantry door simply due to its potential for being highly customizable. Using frosted glass for example, would give you that glass look and feel while minimizing transparency. This combination of using an opaque custom glass along with any kitchen upgrades can give you a much larger range of possibilities as far as your projected interior theme goes. However, transparency is just the tip of the iceberg when you’re looking at glass doors. From the glass type to the opportunity to add designs and texture to the glass, you have the opportunity to truly make your custom glass doors tailormade to fit your needs!


Bunyard Single Iron Door

Wrought Iron Doors

If it’s the more handcrafted and curvy design that draws your eye, maybe a beautiful wrought iron door is the way to go! Attention to more complicated designs is created when you incorporate a wrought iron pantry door into your kitchen. More common than not, wrought iron doors are created by bending metal material to achieve an ocean of different door designs. These doors can also use glass if that is what you desire; however, glass is not needed if you're worried about too many fingerprints! Regardless of your choice to include glass or not, you are left with an amazing pantry door!




Leave Your Guests Speechless With Custom Pantry Doors!

All in all, whether you may or may not know it, great interior design includes all aspects of a room, even the smallest of details. This is why when you pick a door as a pantry door, it is important to consider the following: Is my pantry door functionally superior?, What look am I going for?, What type of door would work best with my current layout?Fortunately many stock and custom doors can help you achieve everything you are looking to get out of a pantry door! All you have to do is start looking!

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