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5 Reasons Why Wrought Iron Doors Are Secure

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5 Reasons Why Wrought Iron Doors Are Secure

No matter if you're building or enhancing your current home there's something about home security that makes us paranoid. That’s why we’ve decided to address a big stressor and take the weight of front door security off your shoulders. Home invasion and house damage are usually topics people try to avoid due to the terrifying thought itself. However we’ve done the research and can assure you that wrought iron doors are the most secure entryways. With that being said, let’s jump into the 5 reasons why wrought iron doors are more secure than traditional wooden doors. 

1. The Heavier The Iron Door The More Secure

Mangold Double Install

With 34% of burglars entering through the front door it’s important to ensure your door is not the achilles heel. Iron doors are naturally heavier to better barricade your home better than a traditional wooden door. Weighing in at about 250 lbs compared to the average 50 lbs of weight of a wooden door, the difference in trying to break open these two doors is like night and day. With an additional 200 lbs of material, looking at the door up close may seem intimidating to get through. This can potentially cause any intruder to think twice before making an attempt. While wooden doors rely on the mesh within the wood, wrought iron doors are manufactured with solid material to add a sturdy aspect to the door. This leaves the door to become more tolerant of any damage (which brings me to my next point).

2. Iron Doors Are Resistant To Physical Damage

Considering that iron doors can be handcrafted with as small as 14 gauge iron, a considerable amount of material is used in manufacturing. Wooden doors that mainly consist of wood and mesh material are much more susceptible to damage from any type of force leaving even the smallest force to leave a mark. When it comes to door damage, be it a burglar trying to forcibly open your door or even hail, iron doors are more sturdy and tolerant of physical damage. Because of the resistance to force, your iron door can keep its look from deteriorating while maintaining its beautiful look.

Lisette single square

3. Wrought Iron Is Much More Resistant Over Time

Unlike wooden doors that deteriorate over time, wrought iron has a higher tolerance that keeps it looking better for longer periods of time with minimal maintenance. For those that have had an issue with termites on their property, iron is not a target for these insects. This leaves the owner to spend less time replacing wooden doors every few years or so. With the overall strength of wrought iron doors, they are more of a long-term investment for those seeking new additions to their home. Iron doors can truly change the nature of security. To the right is a church that incorporated an iron door purely for the sake of security. 

Camille Square Double Iron

4. Better Transparency Designed For Your Security

Want to look for a door that’s both beautiful and secure? Wrought iron can be designed into countless designs that are secure from any outside threats. When incorporated with glass, there are designs that keep your door transparent without being seen by the individual on the opposite side. Whether you're looking to include glass or not, there are various designs available that can keep your house beautiful and safe.

5. Weather Resistant

Mother nature can be scary during extreme weather conditions, especially if you're sheltered inside your home. However when it comes to incorporating iron doors within your home, you can sleep a bit better knowing that iron doors can be weather proofed even in the most severe storms and hurricanes. With its solid structure, weight, and pure iron framing, iron doors can help you get through the storm so you don’t have to worry about any damage to your front door. From hail to floods, iron doors can be a great protector of your home so you can rest easy even in the strongest of storms. 

Bonus Tips

Although having a good secure door is a great place to start, you can take extra steps to prevent threats.

Incorporate Smart Locks To Your Iron Door

Even while you're at work, it is important to keep an eye out on your home. With technology constantly evolving, it's no surprise that home security has adopted technological advances made to impress. With bluetooth smart locks you can oversee your home through your smartphone even when you're at the office. Statistics that show that burglars are 300% less likely to break into a home when a security system. Whether you have a security company sign in the front lawn or you have a easily recognizable smart lock. Just the sight of these amazing tools help deter possible intruders.

Add Single Sided Deadbolts

Deadbolt Lock

So you have an iron door, smart lock, and iron frame, you now have a door that is impervious to physical damage or physical home entry. However, what happens if an intruder knows how to pick the lock? No matter how strong and secure your door is, intruders can simply unlock the door and walk right in. So how do you protect your home from this? Well is just as simple as adding a single sided deadbolt that is only accessible through the inside. No matter if an invader has the ability to pick locks, he can pick a lock he cannot access. 

In Conclusion

When it comes to home protection, it is important to choose wisely as to how you protect your home. With the overall security of iron doors, home can feel like a safe haven. If you combine iron doors with the security tips explained above, you should rest easy knowing you're protecting your household.

Looking for custom secure iron doors or smart locks to monitor your home? Exclusive Iron Doors has your back. We provide quality products that provide quality, elegance, beauty, and most importantly security to your home. Our “Human to Human” business method ensures that you are not dealing with automated machines. Our sales representatives listen to your needs for the best possible customer service to welcome you to Exclusivities Iron Doors. If you’re interested in getting a quote for our products don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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Are Steel Doors More Secure?

Yes, with the overall weight of the door and frame incorporated in steel doors, our wrought iron doors are much more resistant to physical damage whether you're looking for protection from unwanted visitors or extreme whether conditions.

Are Wrought Iron Doors Safe?

Yes, compared to its wooden counterpart, wrought iron doors make any structure much more secure.

Can You Kick In A Steel Door?

While it is possible to kick in any type of door no matter the material, Exclusive Iron Doors incorporates a steel frame as well as the steel door, making it much harder to kick in than a wooden door.

How Long Do Steel Doors Last?

Depending on how well maintained the steel door is, they can truly last a lifetime.

Are Metal Front Doors Good?

From a functionality standpoint, metal doors work just like a wooden door. It is the core material that makes the difference, being made with steel, your structure is much more secure from outside forces.

What Is The Best Front Door Material?

This depends on preference, while there are those that like the original wood look, others like the look and security that come with steel doors.

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